Values & Editorial Policy

Our Values

At Perfect Daily Grind (PDG), we are committed to delivering industry-leading, high-quality editorial content about the coffee sector that informs, educates, and celebrates stakeholders across the supply chain.

The publication was founded to address the lack of accessible, high-quality content in the coffee sector. Since then, PDG has consistently delivered quality journalism, informed by the real-life issues that coffee professionals face around the world.

We are first and foremost an industry-focused publication, meaning that we champion and discuss the efforts of professionals across the coffee sector. 

However, we also believe that good editorial content should cover the entire coffee supply chain, from seed to cup – which is why we work with everyone, from producers and traders to roasters and baristas. 

We also place an unprecedented level of emphasis on coffee producing countries. However, rather than speaking “for” coffee producers, PDG instead provides them with a platform to share their thoughts and insights on relevant issues.

Finally, PDG also operates as a profit-for-purpose entity. This means we invest a significant proportion of the publication’s income into projects which drive social impact across the sector, as well as having a discretionary annual budget for emergency crises in coffee producing countries.

We are also passionate about bridging gaps in the industry, but believe that this can only come through education and awareness. Only through creating a dialogue about sharing knowledge in the coffee sector can the supply chain move forward and evolve in the long-term.

In recent years, some of our efforts to improve outcomes across the supply chain have included:

  • The launch of PDG Español and PDG Brasil
  • Launching Producer & Roaster Forum to provide coffee producers with a platform to network, advertise, and sell their coffee – all at origin
  • Emergency financial support during Hurricanes Eta & Iota in November 2020
  • Partnering with barista training schools (such as Red Band Barista Academy in South Africa)

Editorial Policy

Our articles are grounded in thought leadership. Each piece we write brings together multiple industry leaders and experts to discuss the topics that truly matter to people across the coffee sector. Rather than quick updates or news pieces, our articles are at least 1,000 words long.

To underpin our great editorial content with real-life experiences from coffee professionals, our articles generally feature at least two interviewees. The interviewees we work with always have specialist expertise or good local knowledge.

The diversity and breadth in the people we choose to interview means we are able offer a thoughtful and insightful cross-section of the global coffee industry – rather than just providing a snapshot of what consumers are interested in. 

We also give a voice to people who don’t often get one in the global coffee sector – including smallholder coffee farmers from around the world.

Perfect Daily Grind is also a subsidiary of PDG Global, a group of associated brands. The PDG Global holding company, much like Perfect Daily Grind itself, operates as a profit-for-purpose business entity.

Other brands in PDG Global include:

  • PDG Español – our Spanish language publication, targeted at coffee producers and companies in Spanish-speaking Latin America.
  • PDG Brasil – our Portuguese publication, targeted at coffee producers and companies in Brazil.
  • PDG Media – a full-service digital agency for coffee brands, providing services including copywriting, web development, social media management, value chain consultancy & more.
  • Producer & Roaster Forum – an innovative annual event held in coffee-producing countries that aims to address supply chain inequities.
  • PDG Education – an e-learning platform which provides certified on-demand coffee courses delivered by industry leaders.